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Our Company

MASAI Technologies Corporation (MTC) is a Maryland based systems integrator specializing in enterprise business system Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions for over 20-years of client service to the public sector. MTC’s management and development team work in collaboration with contracting officials, customer stakeholders, and end-users across the full systems development lifecycle (SDLC) to successfully deliver enterprise mission-critical business system modernization services, systems engineering, and management consulting services.

MTC utilizes proven industry technical and management certified standards, methodologies, and frameworks (e.g., ISO Quality Mgmt., ITSM, SAFE Agile, LEAN).  We share in our customer’s successes by ensuring our IT Management strategies are always high quality and low risk solutions

We win as our customers win by achieving their strategic goals and objectives!

Our Culture

At MTC, we value people, community, and our customers by consistently delivering high quality and low risk solutions to meet and exceed our customer’s business goals.  Our staff are seasoned professionals, averaging over 20 years of Information Technology Management services experience and an ongoing commitment to continuous learning, modern technology, and process efficiency


Our team of committed, passionate, and highly qualified personnel provide MTC with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, tremendous customer service, and delivery capability.


Being consistently good makes us great at what we do. Repeatable steps that produce an expected result is the way MTC approaches our operation.


We apply tools, methods, innovations, and ideas to enable solutions that provide business efficiency, improved effectiveness, and profitability for our customers.


Delivering service at a level that allows our customer to meet their strategic goals and objectives is the MTC standard. We apply proven International Organizational Standard (ISO) 9001 Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Agile to convey industry quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control.

Contract Vehicles

Our team is working on adding content here soon, stay tuned.

Our Journey

MTC was founded in 1997 by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Masai Troutman, following his Information Technology (IT) Consultancy career with Andersen Consulting, currently Accenture. Masai learned the importance of a disciplined systematic engineering approach to IT software system development with a committed and single focused team of professionals.

Masai coupled this engineering approach with Best Practice Project Management Institute (PMI) project management methods and principles, and IT Service Management Standards (ISO) for proven service delivery.  With his project and product delivery methods and processes in place, Masai began MTC to focus on transforming Local and State Federal Government and Private sector Enterprise Business Systems using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SAP solution integrated business applications.

MTC successfully provided ERP implementation and sustainment operations for mission-critical Federal Government Agencies as a prime & subcontractor for the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and civilian agencies for over 18 years.  This full lifecycle’s process equipped MTC with the experience and knowledge to work cohesively with customers from inception, design and build, User Acceptance Testing, training, deployment, and operations.  Our management and technical staff are seasoned professionals with customer-oriented and agile mindsets.

MTC has supported mission-critical Federal Government Programs within the Contiguous U.S.(CONUS)  and Outside the Contiguous U.S. (OCONUS) in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Qatar during times of peace and war. In delivering high quality results and partnering with customers to lower risks while achieving values, we have received consistency and success.

Diversity and Collaboration

  • At MTC Integration, we pride ourselves on the rich tapestry of diversity that runs through our organization. Our personnel hail from a vast array of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, a composition we believe is integral to our success and innovation. We have always been firm advocates for the idea that diverse teams foster creativity, drive fresh perspectives, and generate innovative solutions.

Recognizing the strength in diversity, we have been proactive in our recruitment strategies, ensuring they are inclusive and equitable. This has allowed us to bring together professionals from different age groups, ethnicities, gender identities, nationalities, abilities, and educational backgrounds. Beyond the tangible metrics, our company also prioritizes diversity in thought, experience, and skill set that allows us to collaborate and provide creative solutions from various perspectives.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at recruitment. We invest in continuous training and workshops that emphasize cultural awareness, sensitivity, and inclusive leadership. This ensures that our diverse workforce doesn’t just exist within our walls but thrives, bringing their authentic selves to work every day.

The result? A dynamic, inclusive environment where collaboration is the norm, and every voice has the chance to be heard. We firmly believe that our diverse personnel are not just a statistic but the backbone of our corporate ethos and the key to our continued growth and success.

Our Management Team

The MTC management team has a passion for customer service with Lean and Agile operations. Our management averages over 25 years of mission-critical full lifecycle systems integration delivery services.  

Masai Troutman


A pragmatic leader committed to helping customers meet their business goals and objectives.  Masai is a Lean Agile practitioner for over 10 years, Project Management Professional certified for 20 years, ITIL lifecycle Expert, and enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Workflow Automation (I.e. ServiceNow) certified.  Masai is a former Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture) consultant and compassionate leader who donates time each month to local Maryland high schools with mentorship and career development for historically underserved student populations. Masai believes in teaming with complimentary organizations to produce win-win scenarios for the ultimate outcome for a happy customer.


The MTC Solutions Architect (SA) is responsible for providing full-stack solution design and quality assurance oversight. Our SAs possess extensive experience in Cloud-based SaaS Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solutions and IT Service Management (ITSM) methodologies and tools. They are experienced in developing and operating enterprise applications, and their approach is always customer satisfaction-driven.

(Project Managers)

The project managers at MTC have more than 20 years of experience in delivering services to the Federal Government. They have worked in various roles throughout contract engagements, including Release Manager, Deputy Project Manager, and Configuration and Change Manager. Our project managers are dedicated to ensuring customer success and work closely with stakeholders and team members to ensure the smooth execution of projects.