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MTC Methodologies for Implementing and Supporting Google Cloud Services

MTC is committed to helping organizations migrate, build, and manage applications in the cloud using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our methodologies for implementing and supporting Google Cloud services include a structured approach to cloud adoption called the MTC Google Cloud framework. This framework consists of assessment, planning, migration, and ongoing operations to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud while considering factors such as security, compliance, and cost optimization.

When it comes to migration, MTC uses various strategies such as rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, or replacing applications, depending on the client’s needs. We also use Google Cloud tools like CloudMigrate and Velostrata to assist with migration. We heavily emphasize the use of containers and microservices architecture and use Kubernetes as a central piece of this strategy for deploying and managing containerized applications.

MTC also provides serverless computing options such as Google Cloud Functions and App Engine, allowing developers to focus solely on code without worrying about underlying infrastructure. We implement Google Cloud’s suite of tools for processing and analyzing large datasets, such as BigQuery for data warehousing and AI Platform for machine learning model development and deployment.

To support DevOps practices, MTC provides tools like Google Cloud Build and Cloud Source Repositories, enabling teams to automate the software development lifecycle and achieve efficient CI/CD workflows. We also use Google Cloud’s Deployment Manager and Terraform to allow clients to define their infrastructure using code, making it easier to manage and automate the provisioning of resources.

Security is a top priority for MTC when implementing Google Cloud services. We set up Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls access to resources, and features like VPC Service Controls and Identity-Aware Proxy add layers of security. Lastly, we provide Google Cloud monitoring services via Stackdriver (now known as Google Cloud Operations Suite) for monitoring, logging, and diagnosing issues across cloud services. MTC methodologies for implementing and supporting Google Cloud services, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a range of tools and services to help organizations migrate, build, and manage applications in the cloud.