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Atlassian solutions that will help revolutionize your team’s operations.

MTC incorporates and is certified in various Atlassian softwares.*

We have used the popular Atlassian softwares, JIRA and Confluence, as project management and issue tracking tools. In correlation with ServiceNow, MTC has used JIRA software evaluations to implement ITSM processes.

JIRA x MTC services

JIRA’s project management software helps us coordinate our development efforts and project progress.  In our ambition to provide a sustainable workflow and organize projects, MTC has used JIRA to determine and set breakthroughs during the project process. MTC implements JIRA-supported methodologies, such as SCRUM, and implements an Agile approach.

Why We Use JIRA

Confluence x MTC Services

Confluence is another Atlassian solution we use in our team operations. Using a top-down approach in the project management process, MTC values Confluence teamwork interventions and usage of version control for documents. With Confluence, we are able to provide a centralized platform to incorporate a space where everyone is involved in the creation process.

Why We Use Confluence